Roadwing Tyres

Roadwing is one of the leading brands of Shandong Hengfeng Rubber Co. Ltd. Shandong (1995) is a big tyre manufacturing company in China which has been providing the best tyres to several countries for almost twenty years. They export their high quality products to a large number of countries. They mainly sell different types of tyres from different brands, one of which is Roadwing.

Roadwing provides a range of tyres for different purposes which include Long Haul, Regional Haul and Mixed Service tyres. For each category, they have launched several tyres according to the need of the consumers.
Long haul tyres are great for long distance routes of highways or expressways and also for normal roads. They dispense high speed stability, good heat dispersion, anti-impact low rolling resistance, etc. They offer minimal brake and acceleration while driving at a constant high speed.

Regional haul tyres are good for normal general class ordinary roads as well as highways. Their key features include top notch driving and braking performance, tearing resistance, heat dispersion ground adhesion and good capacity for carrying the weight. They are quite helpful when the driver often needs to take turns, use brakes, and accelerate.
Mixed service tyres have relatively more verities of tyres than others. They are used for medium to short distance routes with bad or average roads. They provide amazing performance in anti-side and anti-irregular wear as well as in heat dispersion. They guarantee safe and comfortable driving with great ground adhesion. They are useful for trucks that carry heavy loads to construction sites.