Forever Tyres

Forever is one of the leading names when it comes to tyre exporters from China. The brand is owned by a comprehensive enterprise that has been importing, exporting, and manufacturing OTR, truck bias, industrial, agricultural, mining, and port machinery tyres for more than 20 years. Qingdao Hengda Tyre Ltd. comes in the leading tyre manufacturing companies in China. Back in 2017, it was acquired by Chi Tire factory.

Today, the production capacity of the company is more than 2 million sets of tyres. Moreover, the self export of the company is more than 50 million US dollars. Forever has made its strong market in China and more than 120 other countries around the world. The company has also passed the national CCC compulsory certification, USA DOT certification, ISO9000 international quality management system certification, and many other quality certificates.

The people behind Forever have their principle to remain honest with quality and lenient with pricing. They never compromise with the high-quality Forever tyres that help drivers to have a smooth drive on all road conditions. Forever serves its customers based on long-term cooperation. It focuses more on building a community in both domestic and foreign tyre markets across the world!